Sandbanks - SBX ride guide

 Sandbanks or SBX as its also known as, is a popular spot for many riders - new and experienced alike.  It offers great waves and relatively shallow waters, for new riders the shore-break can be challenging but if you're confidently riding upwind and up for a challenge - the drive is worth it to test yourself in 3-5ft waves.

Because the spot is becoming more popular, its important to understand where you can and cannot ride during certain times of the year.  So check the spot guide below, it will give you some insights and where to ride on any wind direction.

Spring and Fall offers the best conditions.  Summer winds can sometimes be fickle and if the water and air temperatures are dramatically different - don't expect the forecast to nearly as accurate.  

Kiting here is tolerated by the Park, so when riding here follow these guidelines and be mindful of them.  Keep your distances and always kite well away from any beach goers or swimmers in the water, be respectful of the park and its facilities, be safe, watch out for others and don't kite alone...    

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