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5 Reasons to Choose a Dry Suit for Kiteboarding

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Looking to extend your kitesurfing season and challenge the cold conditions? Here's 5 good reasons to consider using a dry suit to do so!

It can replace 2 or more wetsuits:  A dry suit allows you to layer as much or as little insulation underneath as needed in order to stay warm.  You get a customized level of heat for each session and light to heavy amount of layering allows a dry suit to replace a 4/3, 5/6 or more for most riders while being fully breathable to ensure you never overheat. And you may save some money vs buying two heavy wetsuits.

Lasts longer than most wetsuits: Typical lifespan for most dry suits with proper maintenance and care is 7 years or more.  Lower cost neoprenes can stretch, shrink, and wear out or tear in critical areas over time, and can be difficult to patch or repair.

Improved range of motion and lighter weight:  Dry suits offer a nearly unlimited range of movement as the material is not being pulled or stretched. Its doesn't have to fit tight and mobility considerations is designed into most suits.  Second a drysuit weighs roughly the same as a 4/3 wetsuit, and lighter than most 5mm suits while it stays completely dry.

More buoyancy:  A typical 5mm wetsuit has around 6lbs of flotation, even after burping your drysuit to squeeze out the extra air trapped in the suit there is still far more air contained in the suit for added buoyancy.  Using a PFD with your drysuit is always a safer option, but many riders don't find a need to use one.  Again this is a personal preference at the discretion of the rider and local rules and regulations.

You avoid the COLD: Its simple, a dry suit keeps you completely dry which equals warmth.  You'll enjoy longer sessions with more energy to ride when your body isn't working as hard to heat the water trapped in a wetsuit to keep you warm.  Remember a wetsuit works by trapping a thin layer of water against the skin, so you have to get wet regardless - which can be a constant shock if water temps are low and if water drains from the suit as you ride or does not fit properly.  If that happens you'll likely find yourself getting cold on the water.  But with a drysuit you stay dry all session long and here's also the added bonus of never having to strip on/off a cold wetsuit in the wind in the parking lot!

Factor in the advantages of staying warm, dry, and the range of motion... and the longevity and no need for multiple suits...and you might want to consider a dry suit for kiting this season!

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Soul Drysuit review by Dave Norona from Ocean Rodeo on Vimeo.



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