Before you Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks

Its that time of year again...If you're like us, its time for the annual pilgrimage to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for flat shallow water, excellent wave riding, and the chance for some epic downwinders.  

There's lots of info out there already about where to stay, ride, grab a beer and watch the sunset.  The purpose of this post is to simply share a few good links you should bookmark, and a few ideas to help you be ready to ride.  

1. Give your gear a tune up!  If you haven't pumped your kite for a while, then why not give it a quick check for leaks and tune your lines.  Don't be stuck standing Oceanside for the first time in months and realize that your trim line is badly worn or you forgot about that patch or valve repair you were going to get around to...  

We stock all common Ocean Rodeo ATB, Freeride and Control bar parts including trim lines, swivels, and replacement Chicken loops and flying lines.  Drop a line if you need a spare part.

2. Check the forecast.  Sounds obvious but many of us don't until the last minute...Its great to assume you've got the quiver you need, but if you're spending the time and money to get there for a week, don't be stuck with just your 12m kite in the car when its blowing 35kt for the next 5 days.   

Sometimes a good way to fill those gaps in your quiver for small high wind, or large light wind kite is to click here to check our selection of used and demo kites 


3. Don't let a breakdown stop you. A small repair kit should always be in one of your kite bags.  In a place like OBX there's lots of options for getting major repairs but anywhere you go a small repair kit like this can fix any minor issue and be session saver.
Have fun, and see you on the water!

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