Meet the HL (hybrid light) Series of Aluula Kites from Ocean Rodeo

Simply put - It's an unbelievable value and performance package.

The HL Series provide riders with an extremely budget friendly yet and high performing option vs the old industry standard Dacron only build. 

Strategically placed ALUULA composite material is blended with the airframe to create a new hybrid construction that delivers decreased weight with improved airframe response. 

What does it REALLY mean? 

  • You get a kite or wing that is on average 15%-20% lighter than many others - for better low wind performance and power to weight ratio. 
  • The strategically placed Aluula GC82 Gold material stiffens the air frame where it's most needed for better handling response, more crisp turning, and control and confidence in challenging conditions.  
  • Combine these attributes and you'll have a kite that performs better, lasts longer, covers a bigger functional wind range, and enables your progression.  These are for the beginner through advanced rider.

 If this all sounds good....choose your ride:

ocean rodeo aluula roam hl kiteocean rodeo aluula flite hl kite on saleocean rodeo aluula crave hl kite on sale


The Roam HL - Is the perfect progression kite for riders with smooth handling, great stability & drift with tight turning and easy relaunch...makes is a great choice for foiling as well.

The Flite HL  - Is optimized for speed and efficiency in light winds, excellent up-wind performance and great hang time for jumping with fast and light handling. 

The Crave HL  - Is a wave / freestyle hybrid - a fancy way of saying its a powerful jumper and looping kite (should you be so brave) but also shines as great down the line drifting and wave handling kite. If this sounds complex - just know that it will take anything you throw at it, and it won't disappoint.

More of The Technical Stuff:

The Aluula GC82 Gold is used on the struts to stiffen the canopy and reduce the distortion and luffing in challenging conditions - keeping the airfoil intact and your kite generating lift and flight. 

Moduls (N/mm2) - think stiffness

Modulus of elasticity measures a material’s resistance to being deformed elastically (not permanently) when stress is applied.

Translation - Its really not stretchy - you kite holds its shape like never before - thats a very good thing 


Tear Strength (Lbs of force)

Tear resistance (or tear strength) is a measure of how well a material can withstand the effects of tearing.

Translation - It's really, really strong and built to last



ALUULA 82 gsm composite panels run the length of the strut to deliver up to 3 times higher modulus / stretch resistance than industry standard Dacron. 



A band of ALUULA 82 gsm composite runs from wing tip to wing tip along the connection seam between the canopy and leading edge. With twice the tensile strength of the underlying Dacron leading edge fabric. You get increased stability and handling in all conditions.



Best of all these are now all on sale at 50% off while they last.


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