How to Drift Launch Kiteboarding - in 7 easy steps

Ever wonder about drift launching?  Its a great skill to have ready when needed for kitesurfing in areas with no clear and easy launch areas.  The technique shown below is best suited for light winds.  In stronger wind conditions its best to use an assisted launch.  Always exercise caution when drift launching.

Here's a quick how to... 


1. pump your kite and carefully connect your bar and lines on land as you usually would.

2. If possible place your board on the shore or in the water where you can easily take it with you when you're read to walk out on the water.

3. One last time on land, double check your lines again, then hook your bar to your hook or slider bar and wind most of the lines back on the bar while hooked in

4. turn your kite over and walk out 2-3 line lengths from shore if possible - give yourself some space.

5. roll the kite onto the water as if resting on land with leading edge into the wind and begin to allow the lines to unwind as the kite drifts downwind.

6. keep your board nearby and watch for any snags as the lines unwind

7. be ready for the kite to turn and fill with air, lines will become taught, check your lines once again and be ready to launch as usual.

Happy kiting and Good Winds!

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