How to Save 8 lbs from your kite travel bag next time you fly

A quick set of tips to help you save some serious weight from your kiteboard bag next time you check in.  Use these tips and hints to save yourself from overweight charges.

1. Use a Compression Bag - Did you know that most kite bags weigh 2 lbs - 3 lbs on average.  If you travel with 2 kites that's roughly 5 lbs of weight for simply a couple bags.  5 Lbs is equal to a harness, a Control Bar, or boots for your board.

A Compression bag is inexpensive, weighs ounces, not pounds and will allow you to compress your kites for less space and a lot less weight.

2. Pack the small heavy stuff in a carry-on.  Fins, mounting hardware, spreader bars add up to 2 - 3 lbs on average and if you can place a control bar in there as well you save an extra 2 lbs.

3. Use a Wheelie bag - Save the work-out for the water!  Make it easy on yourself to navigate the airport without paying for a cart, and make it easy to stroll down the calle with a roller bag.  The wheels add very little weight. 

We love the Ride Engine Trolley bag which fits up to two boards and 2 kites, dry compartments, with lots of room to spare. 

3. Check in early and do so online.  Most airlines now allow you to register your baggage in advance.  Pay the small extra fee for the extra sports bag in advance and rarely will you have any issues at check in related to size or the type of equipment.  Every airline is different so verify in advance but the bottom line is to make it easier on you and them by checking in early online and make the process easy!

Some of our favorite travel gear...

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