Local wind and weather forecasts

Wondering which size kite to pack today, or is it going to rain or not?  Here's a few of our favorite sites for wind and weather forecasts, so you may want to bookmark this page. 

Windguru - 3 wind forecast models on one page.  Long, Medium and Short term.  The GFS model provides a good long term view (for rescheduling those meetings in advance), but less wind accuracy.  Use the NAM12 for the best short term predictions.  And check out the 2D view option! 

Intellicast Active Weather Map - Wondering if its going to rain at your spot? This site allows for an excellent current radar view along with a tab for "future" precipitation tracks for 24hrs forward. It provides a great visual of possible intensity and when a storm front may be arriving in your area. 

Ottawa Airport live wind - Not exactly what you're going to be seeing on the Ottawa River, but a good live indicator.

Environment Canada - 24hr predictions for the Ottawa area.  Weather warnings also appear here.

BYC and Aylmer Webcams.

If checking the forecast is too much work:  join our SESSION CALL list - this one is easy...When the forecast looks great - we'll send you a quick email 24-48hrs in advance.

So please remember these are forecasts, not promises.  Always be aware of the conditions and your abilities, and be mindful of changing weather while on the water.  

Be safe, have fun!


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