Why consider a Wave kite - even if you don't ride waves?

In the past few years many brands have introduced "wave" specific kite designs, and while these models provide great performance for riding swells, let's debunk a few misconceptions and what to expect from a wave kite - even if you're not riding waves every session.

Consider these 5 design characteristics of most wave kites:

1. Predictable pull - a good wave kite is designed to give you a smooth consistent pull - no sudden pull or surges to yank you off your strapless surf.

2. Quick turning response - this enables you to keep your kite in the right position as you make quick carves and turns on or off a wave.

3. Robust and strong - compared to most kites, far more Dacron reinforcement is used on many areas of a wave kite to enable it to survive a crash or tumble through the white wash.

4. Quick relaunch - if you drop your kite in the waves you'll need to get it back into the air and out of trouble quickly.  Added volume in the wing tips and leading edge enables a faster, easier relaunch than most freeride or hybrid-C designs.

5. Drift and Stall resistance - the bridles and medium-low aspect design enables a good wave kite to cover a large wind range, with lots of depower, and will drift backwards while you ride a wave without stalling and falling from the sky.

To sum it up, the right wave kite can offer something appealing for nearly every rider... 

  • Foil riders will like the smooth power delivery and stall resistance.
  • New riders will appreciate the easy relaunch, stall resistance, and robust build 
  • Freestylers will enjoy the fast turning response and great hang time.
  • For wave riders - it does it all! 

So if you like the idea of having a kite that delivers smooth and predictable pull, quick turning and relaunching response, while resisting back stalls and being built to last - then perhaps a wave kite should be next on your shopping list. 

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