Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam for sale
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam for sale
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam for sale
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam for sale underside view
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam for sale
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam for sale
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam for sale
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam precision curve strut
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam EVA valve clamp
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam inflate inflation valve
2021 Aluula Roam 10m - Foil / Wave / Freeride
2021 Aluula Roam 10m - Foil / Wave / Freeride
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam for sale
Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam for sale

2021 Aluula Roam 10m - Foil / Wave / Freeride

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2 Seasons of use, but in very good condition with no repairs.  Excellent Value for a truly amazing wave / foiling kite.

What to know:  The Aluula composite airframe is a revolution in kiting, and now established as the new benchmark for extreme lightweight, incredible strength, stiffness, wind range and high performance.  

Incredibly Lightweight - this 10m kite weighs 1.9kgs that's 25%-40% lighter than any other kite the same size, including single and strutless designs.   Weight not only matters in light wind, but dramatically changes the handling, turning, feel and response in all windspeeds.  Feels like a feather on the end of your kite lines, and with the Roam, foiling and wave riding is a dream - its virtually impossible to stall this kite.

Incredibly Stiff - and that's a good thing.  Traditional Dacron build kites have over 250% more stretch and warp to the material.  This creates both flex in the frame and lag in responsiveness.  In strong gusts or when working the kite to generate power - flex is a bad thing, it leads to less control in high winds and creates drag on airfoil slowing it when trying to work it for added power.  With Aluula you'll notice far greater ability to control the kite in high winds, and have a dramatically more responsive kite.  Also relaunching and reverse launching is effortless with a solid airframe like this.  No luffing, no aerodynamic drag or changing shape, no stalling. Imagine a carbon fiber frame on your kite - this is it.  

Incredibly Strong - 6 Times stronger than Dacron - so its not only built to last, but will not bow out or stretch out over time for consistent performance over a much longer lifespan.  

The performance of any piece equipment begins with the frame - and lighter, stiffer, stronger is the benchmark.  The ALUULA three-strut airframe simly delivers the best handling in ALL conditions of any kite.

Want to know more about the ALUULA Airframe - Click Here for the deep dive. 

Who's this for: the Aluula Roam is simply a dream to fly if you're a foiler or wave rider.  Tons of drift, virtually impossible to stall, light bar pressure and turns with more response than you've ever experienced.  If you're a twin tip freerider these attributes still apply for you - all the benefits of a wave/foil design for stability and control, but it flies just as fast and more efficiently than most freeride designs due to the smaller diameter LE that is only possible with Aluula.  And if you kite in gusty conditions the control and smooth power is unmatched.   

Other Key Features:

Aluula Composite Construction:  Lightest, Stiffest, Strongest high performance airframe available today.

Ridge Seam - super strong leading edge seam design

Precision Curve Struts - maintain the airfoil shape for better performance in all conditions.

One Pump high flow inflation system, D2 Canopy is light and strong.  EVA clamps and covers are lightweight and don't absorb water.  

 Very crisp and pretty clean, this Demo Aluula Roam 12m shows some minor aesthetic wear but is very crisp and very good condition overall.   

* Add the new Roto Bridle kit for a new way to customize the handling and feel 

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