2018 Ocean Rodeo line up

Are you ready for the Next Gen line up from Ocean Rodeo...

 For 2018 its all new.  Across the entire line up many small changes and refinements to the entire kite line up add up to big steps forward in performance, handling, and long term durability of these kites.  Check out the preview below and read on for more details.

Whats New:

Fixed Bridle with Floating V:  In 2018 every kite in the line up now uses one less pulley per side.  The result is a more direct snappy response, ultra short tangle free design with less bar pressure.  Kites like the Prodigy and Flite now respond even faster to steering control and lighter bar pressure.

Dimension Polyent K-PE Dacron:   K-PE dacron has a higher modulus than polyester and these fabrics exhibit approximately 30 to 40% lower stretch than their polyester equivalents. This makes K-PE the ideal choice for kite dacron where low stretch is a top priority for reliable performance and the highest quality lamination available on the market.  Simply put - its the best performing Dacron available on the market and adds long life and durability to your kite.

Tegin Techno Force D2 Ripstop:  Designed specifically for the kiteboarding  Technoforce D2 Ripstop has high tear resistance, low stretch, and is incredibly light weight. Each Strand of yarn is individually coated before being woven together. A second surface coating is then applied to the material, providing long term endurance. Teijin D2 is the benchmark in quality, period.

 Speed inflation and High Flow Valves: 

Every aspect of our Speed Inflation system has been fine tuned  to be low profile, reduce drag, and above all to ensure that you spends less time on the beach and more time on the water.

Strut to leading edge connector tubes are designed with a subtle curvature and wide opening, reducing restrictions to air flow and features quick clamps for added security, ease of install, and a clean finished look

Inflate valve features a direct hose to valve connection for simple operation. The wide threaded cap is easy to tighten and even easier to unscrew eliminating  “jammed valve cap syndrome”.  The cap is leashed to the kite, and the valve cover is form fitted for a smooth no snag fit.


Ultra lite construction and Buck Stitching:  state of the art fabrics and components arranged to deliver ultra light weight with rugged performance.  

Three stage zig-zag stitching distributes seam load creating a tear-resistant long lasting seam

Bridle storage tabs and Easy Access Bladders:  stash your bridle ends for quick, tangle free access for your next session.   And easy to access zip entry to bridles neatly stashed away.


Bridle storage tabs and Easy Access Bladders: We hope you never have to use these, however they are on hand if required. Tucked up and out of the way on the inside of the leading edge tube. To identify look for the arrows screened on the LE tube.

Sherpa Tech Bag:  We’ve all been there, draping multiple kite bags, pumps and boards over every appendage of our bodies. Fumbling our way through rugged terrain in search of that perfect wave or glassy flat.

The Sherpa system makes it easy to connect and stack an unlimited numbers of kite bags off your back or chest for a perfectly balanced hike in and out.

Free up your hands and arms for effortless climbing. In seconds, stash your board and pump away. Designed for riders who search for the ultimate ride, it’s never been easier to find out what’s around the next headland.