About Ocean Rodeo


Based on Vancouver Island, Canada. Far from a tropical paradise, our island is the perfect testing ground on which to develop equipment for extreme real world conditions. The ocean temperature is cold, all year, and; the remote, rocky, log strewn coastline is hammered relentlessly by harsh north Pacific wind and waves.

It’s our playground and we love it this way and it’s these unwelcoming conditions that drive Ocean Rodeo’s innovation. Whether you’re a recreational enthusiast or a professional mariner, you can rest assured that when the conditions slide unexpectedly into the extreme, we will have you covered.


Ocean Rodeo evolved out of the passions of its founders, Richard Myerscough and Ross Harrington. Growing up together, the two witnessed the formative years of kiteboarding. Self taught and making the early models of all their equipment in the 70’s and 80’s by necessity, Richard and Ross learned that good enough was never, good enough and bring their creative and innovative outlook to every new project Ocean Rodeo endeavours upon.

Richard founded Ocean Rodeo in 2001 as an offshoot of Whites for the new sport of kiteboarding with an early focus on surface watersport drysuits. Expanding in 2002 with the introduction of kites, boards and, kite control bars.

Ross first started designing windsurf sails in 1983 as the head of design for the Vancouver based Windsure brand before later founding his own custom sail brand.  Decades ahead of his time, Ross pioneered many windsurfing firsts, including the camber inducer and inset boom end and it was from his Venturi loft that Ross designed and manufactured his first kites in 1998.



Early innovative products include: the world’s first flexible kiteboards (2002); the first ever Dacron reinforced kites (2002); Constant curve leading edge kites (2002); the Mako line of deep concave kiteboards (2003); the Go-Joe leashless board recovery tool (2004); and, countless improvements to the drysuits which continue to evolve year-over-year, including improvements to the suit’s entry, comfort, breathability and the revolutionary new Standby Mode (2012). New for 2016, Ocean Rodeo again heralds the dawn of a new era in kiteboarding with the introduction of back line trim control.


While the company has grown significantly from the early days of 2001, it’s commitment to performance, safety and innovation has never wavered. 15 years later, Richard and Ross are still fully immersed in the design and development of all Ocean Rodeo products but are now surrounded by an incredible team of engineers, graphic designers, customer support and logistical staff.

Both our drysuits and kite equipment have evolved tremendously over the years. We design, build, test, redesign, retest, rethink every product to ensure you have the safest, most enjoyable and performance oriented wind and water experience. Thank you for putting your trust in us and enabling us to continue to pursue our passions.

Now shipping some of the world's best designed kites, boards and drysuits you'll find Ocean Rodeo products on the water in over 50 countries around the world.