Try it before you buy it

Kite demo's - yeah we do that!

Ready for your next kite or board but don't know what to choose or where to start - you're not alone, but thankfully we're here to help!   

Its not hard to get some serious analysis-paralysis by spending hours reading forums and mag reviews filled with either a bit too much generic info, some advertiser bias, or maybe written by individuals that are brand affiliated or riders at the beach who simply don't have the experience of riding a wide variety of gear.    

We believe the bottom line is you know best what kind of performance you're looking for in your next board or kite and we're happy to help you choose the right ride for you, your skills, and local conditions, or better yet - let you try it yourself

What better way to know you're getting the kite or board that's right for you before making an investment than trying it first!

Nearly everything we sell is available for demo and we ride it all.  So for straight up advice drop us a line, or contact us for a demo in Ottawa the next time its windy. Contact us here to reserve your demo in advance.

 Next Demo Day:

to be confirmed - Monday October 14th Aylmer Beach.

Demo gear available:

2019 Ocean Rodeo Razor, Roam and Flites
New Control Bars, Boards and more...


The forecast looks great, join us for a demo of the latest gear- try it for yourself