What to know about Drysuits

3 Reasons to Use a Drysuit...

1. Its like having 2 wetsuits for the price of one:  A drysuit allows you to layer as much or little as needed for the air and water temps so you can cover a wide range of conditions - from 15C to -5C.  This temperature range would otherwise require both a 4/3 and 6/5 wetsuit for most riders.

2.  Lightweight, comfortable and buoyant.  Half the weight of a thick neoprene suit, no restricted movement, and air trapped within a drysuit provides all the buoyancy you need. 

3. Stay warm 100% of the time: Its a complete barrier against the elements.  Put it on at home, drive to the beach, wear it all session long.   No need to change at the beach and get cold before your session.


 Ocean Rodeo - SOUL Drysuit:  Designed for kitesurfers, but with multi-sport functionality the Soul is great for kiting as well as SUP, Sailing, and Paddling applications.

No assistance required to get in or out of the suit, and with great mobility, highly breathable.  With a removable hood, hand warming pockets reflective safety piping and a relief zip, the Soul is built for long sessions on the water in wide range of temps.  

Ocean Rodeo - HEAT Drysuit:  All the essentials you need to stay warm and dry The Heat offers riders a drysuit with straight up essential performance for mobility, light wieght and breathable while staying warm, and dry in a broad range of conditions.  

Need Help Choosing the Right Drysuit for you?

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