Ocean Rodeo Aluula kites

The Next Revolution in Kiteboarding starts now 

For nearly 20 years, the materials used in kite construction have mostly remained the same.  Polyester Dacron used in the leading edge, struts, and reinforcement areas has incrementally improved, and still widely used, but fundamentally the same limitations of this material still remain.  Its time for change.

Weight matters:  The air frame of the kite holds the intended airfoil of the canopy, the arc of the kite, and allows you to harness the forces of the wind we all love. Depending on the design, 60%-75% of weight of your kite is in the air frame alone.  This not only affects low end performance, but also the proper balance needed for drifting performance when surfing or foil boarding, swing weight when turning and looping, relaunch in challenging conditions and so much more.   

Depending on what kite you fly today - an equal sized Aluula Composite construction will reduce the weight by 40%-60%

Stiffer is better.  The materials used today have limitations in their ability to resist flexing, twisting, warping and stretch.  This flex and stretch reduces the response of the kite, warps the wing in high winds, and creates luffing on the canopy which reduces lift and creates added drag.  

Aluula - is 2-3 times stiffer with dramatically improved kite control and response, no luffing, no drag, no flutter on the canopy.  

The resulting stiffness and the extreme light weight delivered by Aluula transforms your kite into a precision-control wing unlike anything you have experienced before. 

Strong and built to last:  Conventional materials are susceptible to easily being punctured, tear easily under pressure and absorb water microbes and fade (breakdown) in sunlight.

Aluula is harder to puncture, virtually impossible to tear, doesn't absorb water and UV stable so it does not breakdown over time.  Your kite's airframe will be more durable, last and perform far better and longer than ever. 

And Environmentally friendly...  No solvents are used during Aluula processing, no off-gassing in the manufacturing process, and minimal waste in the manufacturing process.

The Aluula Project and the BLACK kites from Ocean Rodeo on Vimeo.


Is Aluula for you?  Consider any piece of high performance sports equipment, be it a mountain bike, tennis racquet, or even a sports car - these all use frames that are lighter, stiffer and stronger.   Second, consider the lifespan of your kite, and understand that Aluula frame kites will last and perform better and longer than ever before. 

If you're truly passionate about kiting...you chase the wind, want better sessions and experiences than ever before, all with a kite that is built to last and perform like no other, then this is for you.  

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