Ride Engine Summer Sale

Your harness is critical!  Its the link that transfers all the power of your kite through your body - so don't overlook this important piece of your kit.  The wrong fitting harness will ride up, twist or pinch your waist or leave you with a sore back and can limit your time on the water - it doesn't have to be that way.

The Right harness will fit comfortably, not restrict your movement and deliver the support you need without riding up or twisting - so when you're on the water you'll never think about it.   

RIDE ENGINE has redefined the meaning of how a good harness should fit, support the rider and enhance your mobility and have more fun on the water.  This innovative hard shell design eliminates the common problems of pinching your hips, twisting and riding up all while offering more freedom of movement for you.  There's nothing like it.   

 CLICK HERE to learn more and shop our selection of in stock 2017 and 2018 Ride Engine Harness and bar combinations.


1. Choose any Ride Engine harness and bar combination and shipping is FREE

2. Add a Ride Engine EMPAX vest (designed to work with your harness) or the Ride Engine Apoc 2/2 Shorty Wetsuit  and receive 10% off your order - "RIDE10" at check out.

3. Add both - Empax Vest and Apoc 2/2 Shorty Wetsuit and receive 20% off - "RIDE20" at check out.