Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula ontario Canada sale
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula ontario Canada sale
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula precision strut
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula inflate valve
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula quad lock seam
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula ontario Canada sale
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula one pump
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula valves one pump
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula ontario Canada sale
ocean rodeo crave hl seam kevlar
ocean rodeo crave hl bridle delfector
ocean rodeo crave hl trailing edge
ocean rodeo kite bag sherpa
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula
Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Aluula

HL-Series Crave - High Performance All Around

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Crave HL-Series

It’s nimble, three-strut design has been lightened up, with the wingtip being fine tuned to provide smooth power delivery and predictable handling.

Whether you are wave-riding and want a kite that will turn on a dime and keep you in the pocket, or for committed sending, predictable performance and power on tap, the Crave HL is the kite for you. The Crave HL is fitted with graduated Forward Swept Tips (FST) on size 5 to 12 M. FST delivers crisp, nimble, and controlled kite loops, ensuring world-class performance for strapless freestyle riding. The refined broad wingtip design allows for lightning-quick water relaunches and maximum flying control, even when the kite is at the extreme edges of the window.

The Crave HL is built as light as possible, while retaining the ability to take a beating in the surf and the strength to hold its shape through even the most demanding Big Air maneuvers.

Truly the best of breed in terms lightweight high performance handling, versatility and value.  The Crave HL is for riders looking for a no-compromise, wave, freestyle, big air and capable foiling platform to catapult their progression regardless of what's under your feet.  


Coming in 20% lighter than most Dacron kites, this incredible reduction in weight is the result of strategically placed ALUULA composite materials, perfectly blended with Dacron to create a new hybrid construction class that delivers a superior airframe response.

ALUULA has been inserted into key overlays and reinforcement panels while the struts receive a full ALUULA panel running from the leading edge to the strut tips. This ALUULA strip combined with an ALUULA gusset tightens up the airframe flex, providing faster turning and improved stability. In addition to this, an ALUULA shock strip runs from wingtip-to-wingtip connecting the leading edge and the canopy. With twice the tensile strength of the underlying Dacron, the shock strip provides increased stability and handling in all conditions.

The reduction in weight and increase in strength of this airframe makes the HL-Series of kites comparable in weight to one or no struts kites, while still maintaining the expansive wind range that comes with having a three-strut kite. The evenly balanced weight distribution of the three struts, combined with the remarkable weight savings, deliver jaw-dropping resistance to back stall and luffing if you overshoot the kite or find yourself in a lull.

Precision Curved Struts

Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Precision curve strutPrecision curved to match the airfoil profile, the HL airframe is highly tuned to take full advantage of the unique properties of this cutting-edge composite material which is sewn using super-tough Quad Lock stitching, designed specifically for ALUULA.


Ocean Rodeo Crave HL open c arcSpecifically designed to be a wave / strapless freestyle hybrid, the Crave has a moderate sweep and an open C arc, providing maximum flying control even when the kite is at the extreme edges of the window.  Delivers a perfect balance of drift and upwind performance with lightning quick relaunches.


Used specifically on the shaping seams of struts, Quad Lock delivers more than twice the strength of standard strut seam constructs, and was another innovation specifically tailored for the ALUULA airframe kites.


Ocean Rodeo HL Crave Aluula Power band

A band of ALUULA 82 gsm composite runs from wing tip to wing tip along the connection seam between the canopy and leading edge. With twice the tensile strength of the underlying Dacron leading edge fabric, the ALUULA strip also stiffens the Dacron leading increasing the Modulus (resistance to stretching while under load). Increased stability and handling in all conditions.


Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Series Aluula

All reinforcement overlays on the leading edge have been upgraded to ALUULA. With the composite's superior tear and puncture resistance, you can be assured that these traditionally "weak points" are now amongst the most enduring parts of your air-frame.


Ocean Rodeo HL Series Crave trailing edge Aluula

The canopy's reinforcements, overlays and anti-flutter strips now benefit from ALUULA’s remarkable strength to weight ratio and it's superior abrasion resistance compared to  Dacron and other much heavier abrasion solutions.


Ocean Rodeo HL kite inflation valve one pump

Ultra clean inflation system is designed for reliable operation of single point inflation. Valves are strategically located to stay clear of the canopy, negating the need for valve covers or other chafing solutions. 

Other refinements are the omission of zippers on the leading edge. These zippers are used only for kite bladder changing, and are one of the primary causes of failure on kite leading edges. Bladders are simply installed though the large valve hole.


Ocean Rodeo Crave HL bridle

Highly refined, the compact two pulley bridle is designed for arc stability and no snagging, while at the same time providing direct drive steering and a massive sheeting range. The Bridle is compatible with all bars that feature a single front line flag out emergency de-power system.

Industry standard larks head on LE bridle to front flying line knot or bead. Back lines larks head to bead or knot on kites back line leader. Bridle is designed to accept bars fitted with lines at equal length when set at pull power.

Features ultra strong, low diameter, stretch resistant line for reduced drag and increased response. 


Ocean Rodeo kite bag sherpa

We’ve been there, draping multiple kite bags, pumps and boards over every appendage of our bodies. The Sherpa system makes it easy to connect and stack an unlimited numbers of kite bags off your back or chest for a perfectly balanced hike in and out.  Free up your hands and arms, stash straps for your board and pump.

kite trade in upgrade
Upgrade your gear without the hassle of selling that old kite or board yourself!
Trade it in with us and we'll provide you with a fair offer for your gently used kites, bars or boards. Just complete the form at this link for your offer.


Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Wind range twin tip

Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Wind Range Surfboard

Ocean Rodeo Crave HL Wind Range Foil

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