For 2020 / 2021 Ocean Rodeo offers a range of choices in kite constructions, design, and performance. Choose your weapon wisely.. 

Aluula - the Next Revolution in Kiteboarding. 

A fundamentally game changing material for kite construction in terms of durability, ultra light weight, and reactive, precise and responsive handling.  The pinnacle in performance. Read more here.  Or Shop Aluula Kites

Ocean Rodeo HL Series kites Crave Roam Flite

 Hybrid Light Aluula (HL-Series). 

A strategic blend of high performance Dacron reinforced with precisely placed Aluula composite material, the HL-Series delivers excellent performance and light weight by todays standards. Shop Aluula HL-Series Kites

Ocean Rodeo D-Series Roam Flite Crave Razor

 Lightweight Dacron Blend (D-Series). 

High performance Dacron blends are used precisely and strategically to make these the lightest and strongest 100% Dacron airframe kites on the market. Shop D-Series Kites